Traveling to Yellowstone

Driving to Yellowstone is just as much fun as getting there! Download our Yellowstone Park map and check our road trip itinerary collection for your perfect vacation. You can choose from many different routes that make the trip almost as exciting as the adventures you’ll have when you arrive.

Best Road Trips to Yellowstone

Top road trips to Yellowstone

From North: Glacier National Park to Yellowstone
From West: Boise Idaho to Yellowstone
From South: Salt Lake City Utah to Yellowstone
From Southeast: Denver Colorado to Yellowstone
From East: Dakota Black Hills and Badlands to Yellowstone

Surrounding Yellowstone National Park are wonderful cities, towns, and regions to explore, spend the night, or find a great meal. Here are our suggestions for places to visit during your Yellowstone vacation.

Rocky Mountain NP Cub Lake by Ben Fullerton

Colorado – Stops on the Way to Yellowstone

On the south border of Wyoming is Colorado with all of its Rocky Mountain activities and charming cities big and small. Read More…


Idaho – Stops on the Way to Yellowstone

Just west of Yellowstone, Eastern Idaho is known for its wide open vistas, friendly communities, and the fertile soil that is home to the famous Idaho potato. The region offers year-round and off-the-beaten path activities for outdoor enthusiasts and families. Read More…


Montana – Stops on the Way to Yellowstone

With rolling hills and breathtaking trails Montana is a must-visit region of adventure. If you had a more relaxed vacation in mind, don’t worry because Montana also offers everything from Golf to local eateries. Read More…

Wild Horses in Theodore Roosevelt National Park

North Dakota – Stops on the Way to Yellowstone

Experience Badlands history and culture in Medora and Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Read More…


South Dakota – Stops on the Way to Yellowstone

Wild West heritage, hot springs, geologic wonders, and presidential history await. Read More…


Utah – Stops on the Way to Yellowstone

From Salt Lake City to Arches National Park, Utah has everything to offer. Utah is known for its vibrant performing art scene and dramatic natural beauty. Read More…

Schwabacher's Landing in Grand Teton National Park

Wyoming – Stops on the Way to Yellowstone

Find adventure, explore culture, and delve into regional history in Wyoming. Read More…

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National Park Service
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